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Our mission: helping companies to grow through Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Market Research.

With you have one of the most professional platforms for feedback management, worldwide. But even the best technology is of little help, if you don’t have enough resources to use it appropriately. Our customers often do not have sufficient resources to conduct their Experience Management projects: our Customer Success Team helps you to master every challenge!

Our team of developers, market research specialists and consultants offers excellent support for your project

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Programming of Surveys

Creation of Reports

Workshops & Trainings

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Use our Professional Services to get the most out of the Platform

Our Customer Success Team supports you with any customer survey, any employee survey and any market research project



We specify the questions for your project and provide questionnaire templates or develop a bespoke questionnaire for your research project.

We help you to define your specific target group

Wir definieren mit Ihnen die zu befragende Zielgruppe


Data Collection

Invite respondents to your survey or recruit target groups via our online access panel. Through our panel we can provide survey participants in over 15 countries Through our partner network, we have access to survey participants from over 100 countries Über unser Panel können wir Umfrageteilnehmer in über 15 Ländern zur Verfügung stellen Über unser Partnernetzwerk haben wir Zugriff auf Befragungsteilnehmern aus über 100 Ländern


Get real-time results via our online reporting

Create and share customized reports

With our interactive dashboards you are able to monitor various studies simultaneously and in real time

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