Use feedback to build valuable relationships with your
customers and employees

Our platform enables you to continuously gain insights into customer, employee and market developments through seamless experience management.

Employee Experience

Activate and optimize the performance of your employees.

Feedback on seminars and trainings

Get your employees' opinions on internal and external events and optimize their content.

Onboarding Surveys

Help new employees to get to know your company in order to develop their full potential faster.

Exit Surveys

Exit interviews offer employers the opportunity to gain valuable insights to reduce employee turnover in the long term.

Continuous Feedback

Stay in constant dialogue with your employees in order to be able to react promptly to changes in the working atmosphere.

Customer Experience

The key to successful customer loyalty.

Focus on your customers

Capture all Customer Journey touch points through Customer Centricity and create a comprehensive, positive relationship between your customers and your company and brand.

Measure and increase customer loyalty

Measure customer satisfaction at every contact to keep customers willing to migrate to your company.

Stay in dialogue with your customers at all times

Stay in constant dialogue with your customers, across all touchpoints.

Keep an eye on the blind spots

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool to measure the loyalty of your customers towards your company, your brand or your services.

Survey Data + Text Analytics

Constantly stay in dialogue with your customers and employees with our Experience Software.

Gain deeper insights without having to read every single open text answer. Our automated text analysis tool, a combination of intuitive input mask and artificial intelligence (AI), allows you to analyze and work with your data much faster. Compared to other software vendors, our text analysis solution is very easy to use and delivers high quality results because the AI trains itself.

Market Research

Get to know what your customers want

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