Churn Management

The first Step in the right Direction is to ask your Customers about their Reasons to churn

The churn rate describes the percentage of long term customers that have decided to leave a company. Avoiding customer churn through preventive measures is now a standard feature of most companies. Many companies have churn prevention measures in place to keep their customers and exceed their customer lifetime cycle. To prevent churn it is crucial to identify customers at risk of churning at an early stage (Churn Prevention Management). An important churn prevention measure is the implementation of the NPS, as this allows companies to survey Detractors in particular. Another measure of churn prevention is the analysis of price acceptance and loyalty, which identifies customers with a high churn risk.

Once a customer has decided to leave, the first step in the right direction is to ask the customer about the reasons for the change of supplier. Our churn survey contains a set of relevant questions, which are regularly adapted to current trends. The survey contains all aspects that most companies would like to cover with a churn survey.

You can change or adapt our survey template for your specific needs of your organization. We recommend to send out invitations to the churn survey shortly after a customer has left in order to get his feedback and be able to respond, swiftly. A common trend is the automated sendout of surveys via API integration to i.e. CRM systems.

Successful Churn Management

To get continuously feedback from customers with a high churn risk is the most important measure for churn prevention. In addition, it is important to gather experience of customers who already have churned to implement sufficient churn prevention measures. Use all of the collected feedback data to create a successful churn management strategy.

Analysis of Price Acceptance and Loyalty to prevent Churn

Price acceptance and brand loyalty are key factors in preventing customer churn (churn management).

Based on customer loyalty and price acceptance, LOYALTY & CHURN PREVENTION creates a matrix that segments customers into four clusters: Loyal savers, super stars, churners and potential customers. Thus, marketing measures for churn prevention or the development of brand potential can be targeted.

Our online reporting provides you with results in real-time throughout the process of data collection.

Once data collection is completed, we will clean up the data set for you and provide you with dedicated online reports. Additionally, you can create and share individually designed reports in our platform.

We will support you in every phase of your project, from questionnaire design to analysis of the results



Get real-time results via our online reporting.Create and share customized reports. On request, our Customer Success Team will carry out in-depth analysis with your data and prepare tailor-made charts for you.

Data Collection

Invite your customers to your survey yourself or outsource the invitation process to our Customer Success Team.



Get real-time results via our online reporting.

Create and share customized reports.

On request, our Customer Success Team will carry out in-depth analysis with your data and prepare tailor-made charts for you.

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